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Dr. Louis D. Cox is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over fifty five years. His areas of expertise include the following:

High Performance Team Development

Dr. Cox has consulted to different types of teams, such as executive teams, management teams, musical bands, and community organizing teams around developing and maintaining high performance strategies. 

He has developed simple but effective feedback formats for teams which allow them to keep a strong connection to the team’s collective skills, intelligence, and creativity and to circumvent the barriers to maintaining authentic team communication. This results in sustained high performance. Clients have included The Disney Corporation, AT&T, American Airlines, Sony Corporation, International Creative Management, Big Foote, as well as numerous successful rock and roll bands, including Aerosmith, REM, and BonJovi.  

Alcoholism and Addiction

Dr. Cox is an expert in the area of alcoholism and addictions. He is experienced in the technique known as “intervention” which is designed to enable a family group or business colleagues to deal effectively with the insidious and destructive power of addictive disorders. The goal of the intervention process is for both the addicted person and those key people around him/her to move decisively toward a more healthful and empowered way of being. 


Dr. Cox is trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques including psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama, and cognitive therapy. Through both individual and group sessions he assists his clients release the mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations set on them by faulty parenting and education. Dr. Cox also supervises other therapists in their practice of psychotherapy.


Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery. Epigraph Books, 2018.The guiding intention for this book is to make a contribution to the process of self-recovery and self-realization — and to make these processes more user-friendly and more potent. Many people, the author himself included, are susceptible to the hidden inner forces of endarkenment, and can become caught in nasty, self-destructive cycle of confusion, self-doubt, and self-hatred — all while in the process of doing good, honest work on their inner lives.

A Conscious Life: Cultivating the Seven Qualities of Authentic Adulthood. Conari Press, 1996. This book, co-authored with his wife Fran, explores the nature of being an adult by describing the inner operating principles of a fully present and empowered adult. It includes exercises for the development of these qualities.  

Emotions, Integrity, and Teams in the Workplace. Ethical Management, 1997.  

Somebody Stole the Team’s Brain. At Work: Stories of Tomorrow’s Workplace, 1997.

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