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At EgoMechanics, Inc. we have found that whether the team be made up of high-powered executives or high-rolling rock and rollers, the difficulties in sustaining high performance teamwork stem from the same root causes and manifest in the same symptoms.

Humans are humans and we always bump into interactions with each other that can jam up teamwork and can’t seem to be talked through effectively.

Each of the clients below realized they needed to communicate authentically and effectively within their teams about the very human “hard stuff” – or they might not survive, and certainly would not thrive. EgoMechanics, Inc. was able to provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to survive and thrive.

Partial Client List

My goal was for our highly creative company to better tap into our collective knowledge for competitive advantage in the market place and emotional satisfaction of our team members for a sustained period of time (low turnover). Through Lou’s methods, technique and insight he enabled us to realize this goal. We have the most successful creative collective in our industry that without any doubt gives us business advantage in the marketplace but more importantly enables us to live and work in a highly creative environment that is emotionally satisfying to our team members. In my mind, any high performance team that has an interest in unlocking the potential of a meaningful, collaborative working style that is essential in this business environment should consider the methods of Dr. Lou Cox.
Ray Foote
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